Boxing Reflex Ball

How Boxers Train?

Do you want to know how to improve reaction time?

improve reflexes and accuracy with this tennis ball.

Boxing Reflex Ball is perfect for fast reflexes training. Ball will move and the elastic rope will be stretched naturally when punched. Different force directions will cause different movement trails. It needs the trainer grasp correct actions in the next hitting, which will devolve the reactivity awareness and speed. The abilities of quick response, correct actions, and distance perceptions can be developed in the training.  

Main Features: 

  • Greatly mobilize every muscle in your body  
  • Fully train your responsiveness, coordination, punching speed and precision hitting ability 
  • Decompression boxing d ball can relieve stress  
  • You can exercise anytime and anywhere for the portable size 
  • 360 degree all-directional training, which can exercise every part of your body 
  • The boxing gloves are moderate and high elastic 

1. Wear the headband on your head properly. 
2. Adjust the elastic string and make sure the length equal to your arm length. 
3. After you tie the rope, you can punch the ball in front of you.  

Training Method: 
1. Hit the ball form the left lower inclined side first and then switch to the other side. Keep it going and repeat, if you feel too difficulty, please wear the gloves to hit it. 
2. When you are familiar with the inclined side, you can try the parallel side to hit the ball gradually.

1 x Fight Ball.
1 x Band.

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