Peanut Ball Crossfit Back Therapy | 3 Pcs Set


These Peanut Balls are best for massage, therapy, crossfit. After long working hours our muscles get stiff and stressed Peanut Balls helps you to relieve muscle tension as well as promote blood circulation.

It effectively ease the feeling of fatigue. Our Body needs regular massage and Peanut Balls work great for massaging out. It  trigger points/muscle knots, Lacrosse Balls work wonders for back pain, Lacrosse Balls work great for back massage

It gives best results when massaging at the acupuncture points or the trigger point of injury.

It is very easy to carry, Small size, portable and suitable for the office staffs, athletes, old man and women.

Item Specifications:

  • Function: Body
  • Size: 12*24
  • Material: EPP
  • Item Name: Massage Ball
  • Material: EPP Material Ball
  • Color: Black with Red, Black with White
  • Size : 24*12cm, 16*8cm, 8cm
  • Shape: Peanut ball, and single ball
  • Advantage: Light, Hard

How to Use: 


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