Snow Goggles with Anti-fog Glasses for Skiing

These high quality BRAND NEW Premium winter goggles have left thousands of customers satisfied while still maintaining a sense of style and durability. These goggles have a detachable face shield, take it off whenever and where ever you go. Also they come in all different colours!


  • Anti- Fog Lens Coating: These Ski goggles has set up layers of barriers to effectively prevent fog and give users a clear visual enjoyment.
  • Double Lens: It has double layer Lenses
  • Face Shield: These goggles have a detachable face shield.

Item Specifications: 

Lens size:195mm(length)*75mm(height)

Part: TPU Snakeskin frame + mask/ Black wool single-layer sponge/39mm Black elastic with epoxy/ One side intensified Electroplating water lens /One side anti fogging lens


VTL grade:3

Package: Kraft paper+ Large cloth bag

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