10pcs/pack Organic Natural silkworm cocoon Ball

10pcs/pack Organic Natural silk cocoon Ball Facial Cleanser Anti Aging Whitening blackhead Remover Skin Care Silkworm


1.Get rid of blackheads and acne

2. Nursing cuticle. Deep cleansing

3. Safe and reliable, no side effects


Silk, is the most natural material, with the skin closest to the protein, and contains a variety of Amino acids.

After washing the face, the silk cocoon soak in warm water, until the silk ball absorb enough water after the set in the index finger fingertips, gently rub the pen, cheeks and other acne gathered, and then circular kneading T zone and Blackheads, acne areas, and finally washed with warm water, will be able to remove the pores of the dirt and horny, so that the skin smooth and clean.

One cocoon will be available (to be used) about 5 times repeatedly.


How to use:

1. After washing the face or bathing, use rinse with warm water before use.

2. In the 80 degrees of warm water soak for 5 minutes or so, until the silk ball is full of water and soft, you can use

3. With the index finger on the silk ball, gently massage on the skin, and please try to use low irritation make-up water for moisturizing

4. Can also be a silk ball as a cotton pad, with toner gently massage

5. Chinese famous medicine research, silk ball into powdery attaining, can whiten skin




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