LCD Screen Professional Automatic Hair Curler

LCD Screen Automatic Hair Curler Fast Heating Ceramic Wave Hair Curl Roller Curling Wand Magic Curling Iron Hair Styling Tools 3738


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There are 3 temperature settings to select from: 190 degree, 210 degree and 230 degree. Start from the lowest temperature and then gradually increase the heat level is recommended.
Keep this appliance out of reach of children.
Please don’t use this appliance in the bathroom, or immerse it in water or other liquids.
Always unplug after use.
Ensure the open part of the curl chamber facing towards the head, in order to avoid stuck hair.
Select a wisp of less than small thumb thick hair, less hair into, better effect.
Don’t release handle before curling finish, or the curls will into a straight hair.
In order to maintain curl effect better, don’t comb or brush the hair until it getting cool.




Spray hair care: Compared with normal curling irons, this steam hair curler curls hair using heat and steam as opposed to other curling irons that only use heat, timely moisture replenishment can prevent your hair from high temperature damage, reduce dry and frizz, keep your hair shiny and healthy.
It uses advanced technology to ensure an effortless styling experience.  Your hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is gently held, timed, and heated from all directions to form perfect curls within several minutes.
Specially designed with LCD digital display, when you turn on the curler, the LCD display will be on and show time, temperature, and curl direction setting.
It is able to adapt to different hair types. It features with three timer settings (8-10-12 seconds), 3 curl direction settings (R/L/A) and 3 temperature settings (190 egree-210 degree-230 degree).
It will automatically shutdown after one hour, safe and energy-saving.
2m 360 degree swivel power cord, you can rotate it at any angle without worry about winding. 
Dual voltage is practical for worldwide use.


3 temperature settings for different hair type:                                 

Setting 1 (190℃)- For delicate, fine or colored hair                              

Setting 2 (210℃)- For normal textured hair                                          

Setting 3 (230℃)- For thick or wavy hair


3 timer settings with beep alarm for different curl effects:             

Setting 8 - 8 seconds, for looser curls, 3 beeps, and finally ring 4 times to indicate the time is up.                                                                          

Setting 10 - 10 seconds, for soft curls, 4 beeps, and finally ring 4 times to indicate the time is up.                                                                          

Setting 12 - 12 seconds, for tighter curls, 5 beeps, and finally ring 4 times to indicate the time is up.


3 curl direction settings(R/L/A):                                                           

Use the curl direction control to choose either a uniform or natural finish. 

Select the curl direction by sliding the switch to either left‘L’ or right‘R’. When styling the left side of the hair, slide the curl direction switch to the left position-‘L’. 

When styling the right side of the hair, slide the curl direction switch to the right position-‘R’. This ensures that curl sits towards the face on both sides of the head and will give a more uniform style. 

For a more natural look then select the auto setting‘A’. This will alternate the direction after each curl.



Thermal conductivity material: Tourmaline ceramic
Voltage: 110-230V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power: 29W
Applicable hair: Dry and wet
Temperature: 190 degree, 210 degree, 230 degree adjustable(3 files)
Power cord tail assembly mode: 360 degree rotatable
Cord length: 2m
Color: Red
Size: 29*12cm(Length*Width)
Weight: 688g



Package Content:(Packed in original box)

Hair curler*1
Water bottle*1
Cleaning brush*1
Portable cloth bag*1
User manual(English)*1
Heat resistant glove*1

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