100% Original Xiaomi mi band 3

Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Band Miband 3 Smart Bracelet Watch OLED Display  Swimming Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

*100% original mi band 3 wristband
*Fitness, heart rate and sleep tracker
*OLED display, view time, step count, heart rate
*lift wrist light screen
*20-day battery, 50 meters swimming waterproof
*ADI accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor
*Upgraded pedometer algorithm
*Hypoallergenic silicone band

Warm Notice  :

1. In Stock now, we will send it to you ASAP.

2.Now Only Chinese version is available.

3.NFC version and Global version will be available On September.


It's CN VERSION, but it can update firmware change Chinese to English.(ONLY FOR ANDROID)

(If you not using Android phone now, you can use the Android phone setup menu to switch back to the iOS phone and Mi band 3 still shows the English menu. And when you change this version ,the message notification will not show immediately .It will take about one day. Please contact us to get the firmware and update guide. )


After getting the bracelet, please contact the seller to upgrade the firmware link.

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Big Touch screen, 50 meters waterproof

WeChat, QQ, incoming calls and other message can content directly display | 50 meters swimming waterproof, sports data can be seen on the wrist

Heart rate, sleep tracker , step count, health management | Up to 20 days battery life.

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Chinese characters all can be displayed on one screen

WeChat, QQ, Caller and other content display

A variety of sports data can be seen in real time

Can automatic monitor Sleep, pedometer

50m swimming waterproof rate

Can standby 20 days
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Well-informed, Raise your wrist can see the message

WeChat, QQ, incoming calls and other message content are directly displayed.


Incoming call, Wechat red envelope remind

QQ news weather forecast

temperature Changed in three days

Weather warnings

Event reminder, vibration alarm

Important days, regular notice

All can know when you see your miband 3

can see weather forecast

Can see the temperature Changed in three days

Weather warnings,can get it fast
. _07 _08



Movement is always known, all-day health management

More accurate pedometer, heart rate, sleep quality monitoring, sedentary reminder

_11 _12

Daily pedometer, heart rate monitoring

More accurate pedometer algorithm, daily heart rate changes

Upgrade the number of steps algorithm again to make your efforts count every step make sense In addition,heart rate sensor accurately reads 24 hours heart rate changes, but also at any time detect current heart rate


Sleep quality monitoring

Every day, sleep a little more and sleep better

Accurately record sleep information every night, deep sleep, light sleep data, help you adjust your sleep habits.


Sedentary reminder

When you Focus on the input, but also you need to moderate relaxation

When you are too busy to forget the time, the bracelet will gently vibrate,

remind you to get up and walk, wake up a better physical condition.


Unlocked and more convenient [5]

When the Android phone is close to the bound millet bracelet 3,The phone will automatically unlock.


Caller ID, telephone reject

Can be done without a mobile phone

The brand new xiaomi miband 3 can also display the caller name or number if

You do not want to answer, long press can reject the call.

_18 _19 _20

Light to 20 grams,20 days long life [7]

The bracelet body is only 8.5 grams and has a high energy density lithium polymer battery.

It can be charged up to 20 days or more even if it is used frequently.

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